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Resources for Bathroom Remodel Ideas & Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Dallas

Are you gathering bathroom remodel ideas and kitchen remodel ideas in Dallas TX before you implement your home improvement project? This page features some great ideas and resources about things you may have not thought of before you started your own kitchen remodeling and bathroom remodeling. KB Studios is here to help you through the process. Our experienced design consultants have spent years in the home improvement sector and know what it takes to make your project a success from start to finish.


Before you turn your kitchen into a work zone, it’s great to know what’s in store for you. Here’s a brief glimpse of what to expect when your expecting… a kitchen.


It’s gonna cost me how much?!?!? If you are about to embark on this journey, you want to have some clue of how much you are going to be spending.


L-shapes, Galleys, and everything in between. You need to know the lay of the land before you layout your space!


Do you need a designer? Aren’t they really fancy and expensive? I have no idea if I want someone else to design my dream kitchen. Here’s a little insight!

Implementing Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Dallas TX

The KB Studios design consultants are creative when it comes to implementing bathroom remodel ideas and kitchen remodel ideas in Dallas TX into their clients’ kitchen design and bathroom design. We want to set you up with realistic expectations so you know what you are getting yourself into. Exploring our blog will give you the insight you need to make wise decisions about your budget, layout selections, and other useful information about working with designers, kitchen remodelers, and bathroom remodelers.

Not only do the KB Studios design consultants have creative resources for bathroom remodel ideas & kitchen ideas in Dallas TX to consider before you have our products installed into your home, they are willing to go above and beyond for clients by addressing questions and concerns that are unrelated to the products we sell inside our kitchen and bath showrooms. We know that a lot of time is spent in the kitchen and bathroom, and home improvement is not cheap, so gathering the right ideas to consider before your installation begins will prevent an accident from arising.

Top 20 Bathroom Remodel Ideas & Kitchen Remodel Ideas in Dallas TX

Our design consultants have gathered their top 20 bathroom remodel ideas & kitchen remodel ideas in Dallas TX that they might suggest to you before you design your own kitchen and bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you are going for a modern or traditional look, our kitchen showrooms and bathroom showrooms will give you enough ideas of your own when you take a tour inside at any of our locations.

  • Accessorize your kitchen
  • Caulk the grout
  • Full detail cleaning
  • Install a see-through shower
  • Redo your flooring
  • Add a kitchen island
  • Clean hardwood floors
  • Install a floor or wall mural
  • Install open shelves for showcasing
  • Redo your panty
  • Bleach tile
  • Create a guest friendly atmosphere
  • Install a new bathtub
  • Paint old cabinets
  • Replace the towel set
  • Buy new cookware
  • Create a theme
  • Install a new shower
  • Paint the walls
  • Upgrade the appliances

Typically most our remodels are focused towards kitchens because they tend to take much more of a beating over time due to the amount of household traffic they receive, as well as the effects of spills, greases, oils, and steam can cause things to break down or rot quicker than you anticipated. Hopefully, our bathroom remodel ideas & kitchen remodel ideas in Dallas TX will help you sustain the lifespan and increase the value of your property because this is an investment that benefits you the present and in the future.

Be sure to visit additional pages on our website for useful ideas about home improvement such as advice on granite maintenance, quartz care, and stone care to help you sustain the life of your kitchen and bathroom.  Contact us if you have any bathroom remodel ideas & kitchen remodel ideas in Dallas TX that you feel are useful for our design consultants by calling or scheduling your next visit.

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