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Storage Options

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The chicken, because it had to find a place to store the egg--no, you can’t just leave that on the kitchen counter and walk away! Kitchen renovation may well be the original home of the chicken-or-the-egg riddle. Ultimately,...

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Framing the Picture

Some people dine out for years on the horror stories associated with their kitchen or bathroom remodeling job. One of the joys of a well-planned existing-space renovation is the absence of horror stories! With good preparation, the process story may be a little dull...

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Backsplashes – Luxury on a Budget!

The backsplashes chosen for KB’s collections combine color, pattern, texture and a feeling of luxury that make your renovation look like anything but a budget-friendly project. Once the plain, quiet little sister of the family, backsplashes have acquired new...

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Speaking Designer

One of the great parts of an existing-space kitchen renovation is joining the team. The very best news is that, when you choose to work with a company like KB, there’s only one team, and everyone’s on it! Unlike a space-changing renovation or a be -your-own-contractor...

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The KB Process and Your Renovation Budget

Renovating your kitchen is a large-enough expense that as many articles on budgeting appear in financial-advice columns as in home-improvement articles. The basics are pretty clear: expect to spend somewhere between $10,000 and $50,000 to make your kitchen seem new...

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Kitchen Layouts

Compared to other rooms in your home, kitchen and bathroom designs are unique in the proportion of immovable elements they contain. This is why such a high fraction of your budget is focused on cabinetry and counter space. And this is why getting the layout right is...

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