The backsplashes chosen for KB’s collections combine color, pattern, texture and a feeling of luxury that make your renovation look like anything but a budget-friendly project. Once the plain, quiet little sister of the family, backsplashes have acquired new decorative power as kitchen and bathroom décor have evolved. About the name. . . . when you’re working at a counter or rummaging through a cabinet, you’ll barely notice them at all. How much water do you really splash on the wall-space between kitchen counter and cupboards on a daily basis anyway? Aside from that marinara-sauce-based misunderstanding late last summer, it’s been a long time since you paid more than the most cursory attention to these patiently-serving panels. Your clearest view of these taken-for-granted spaces comes when you enter the room. You see, but only if you’re looking.

In sartorial terms, that handsome summer blazer or perfect dinner dress may look good on everyone but doesn’t really become your signature outfit till you’ve chosen the right accessory. It’s not that these garments need spiffing up. Their quality and classic good taste are clear even on the hanger. But it’s the perfect gold locket, Italian silk necktie, brilliant pocket-square, jazzy belt or glittering bangle that holds the gaze long enough to let the viewer admire the whole picture.

When kitchen and bath decorative fashion demanded hot colors, dizzying patterns, mountains of textiles and textures and high visual energy levels, backsplashes served their quiet function with little notice.  Now, both rooms have changed in function, offering families quieter, more relaxed spaces in which to retreat from the hectic pace of life. Subdued solid colors, tone-on-tone decorative schemes and drastic reductions in visual stimulation have created a new appreciation for small touches of pattern and color. Especially in the bathroom, backsplashes, instead of being an afterthought, have taken a place of their own.

Cabinetry, counters and wall surfaces still command attention, but the most soothing effects are created by treating these as blocks of color or solid surfaces. Too much texture or pattern in a typical bathroom brings the walls in close and makes a smallish space seem confining. Combining larger quiet surfaces with touches of color or bits of pattern strike the right balance between relaxation and luxury.

Both our carefully curated designer vignettes and our collection of free-range choices lead to the same conclusion. Little things matter—a lot! To see the leading role backsplash selection can play in your bath renovation, set up your favorite cabinet and countertop pairing on our, or your existing, mood board and see the huge impact different backsplash choices affect color dynamics, texture and light. These tiny touches—the pocket-squares of renovation–create a big impression for a small cost.