What to expect when you’re expecting a new… kitchen.

So, you’ve decided to update that harvest gold and avocado kitchen from the late 70’s or worse, a faux Tuscan from the early 2000’s. Whatever your decor misfortune, a makeover will do the trick to make your home more cozy and more lucrative on the market. It’s long been held that a kitchen makeover is one of the most sensible investments one can make to a home. But with so many options out there, where do you start?


The first question you need to ask is “How big is the project going to be?” Do you just need cabinets and counters? Floors? Walls need moving? These are all important to know before you started as they can affect the length and impact of your remodel. If you are needing light construction work to move walls and plumbing, you will most likely need to engage the services of a general contractor. A contractor will work with the separate tradespeople and coordinate the renovation work. Often times this means an extended renovation that can go on for several weeks. During which time, your kitchen would be in varying states of construction and possibly unusable. If you home just needs a makeover and you decide to forego any structural changes, your renovation can happen in a much shorter time period. Cabinets, Countertops, and Backsplashes can generally be installed in a weeks time once all the components are ready.


The options for remodeling a kitchen are numerous; Floors, Cabinets, Countertops, Tiles, Decor, and Hardware all are available in limitless options. Choosing the right one for your home is key. Decide on what suits your lifestyle and needs. If you frequent Chinese take-out and the not-so-healthy options, then you probably don’t need a $100K chef’s kitchen. But, maybe an inspiring new space will spur you onto a healthier lifestyle, maybe you can invest a fraction of the chef’s amount and get a space that you will want to spend time in. While you may be considering remodeling for investment and resale purposes, it’s best to consider actual use and personality when making selections. Sometimes sticking to the tried and true isn’t the best option. Maybe your kitchen can be the starting of a new outlook for your home. Whatever you end up choosing, think of it as one cohesive statement. Balance performance and aesthetics when choosing countertops and cabinets. These items are used every day for most people, make sure they can handle your worst. Tiles and Hardware are often viewed as the jewelry for a kitchen, be sure that they accent your space and fit with your concept.

The Process

When your project gets underway, some days will seem like a whirlwind while others can drag on for multiple days. Tearing out the existing space might seem like a good stress relief at the time, but if it’s a few days until the new fixtures are installed, your midnight snack raid might be less fulfilling if there isn’t a fridge or pantry. Managing expectations with your contractor or remodeler is key. Make sure you have a schedule of the project and know ahead of time how much disruption your project is going to cause. Even little things like the amount of dust that comes along with tear out, (a lot!) need to be spelled out beforehand. If you work hand in hand with your team, you can minimize the headaches that come along with a big kitchen renovation.

If you’re about to embark on the kitchen renovation journey, our thoughts are with you. It’s not something you just waltz into. With planning and the right partners, your project can add value to your home and life. And it just might get you eating healthier… maybe.