Countertop & Backsplash Care

Taking care of solid surface countertops is easy! For granite and quartz, use a gentle household cleaner and paper or cloth towels. There are specialized cleaners for granite and stone countertops available at many retailers, but old-fashioned soap and water works just as well. This goes for your glass, ceramic, and stone backsplash tiles as well. Be gentle and keep it clean!

Stay away from abrasive cleaners like soft scrub or comet, these can damage the polish on your stone. We don’t recommend the use of bleach or ammonia as well. The chemical in these products can degrade the sealants and polish on your stones, resulting in dull spots.

Natural granite should be sealed once a year to keep it resistant to staining. Granite sealer is available at most hardware stores. Engineered quartz NEVER needs to be sealed.


Download our care guide here.

Cabinet Care

It’s important to keep  your investment looking it’s best. For wood and laminate cabinets, keep your doors dust and grease free. When needed, use a damp cloth to wipe down the doors. This will keep dust and kitchen grease from building up, leading to dull finish and lingering odors.

Over time, you might notice doors or drawers out of alignment. Simple adjustments can be made to your cabinet doors and drawers with a screwdriver, if needed.

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