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Classic Leather Metallic Black

Classic leather metallic
A hearty natural granite, metallic black leather offers stylish endurance for home use. The leather texture offers a unique feature that will have visitors talking. Natural granite is hard and performs well in demanding situations. With minimal care and maintenance, granite will last for years. This dark color gives you a flexible palate in which to pair a variety of styles. Our designer vignette pairs this color with a dynamic tile and modern cabinetry for a truly playful look.

Azul Palatino

Granite Countertops Azul Palatino
With a soft gray color and black speckles, Azul Platino granite is a classic for the home. Flexible for a variety of design choices, this stone is elegant when partnered with modern or traditional cabinetry. Granite is a great choice for today’s lifestyle. With a little maintenance, this stone can last for generations. A great neutral that can be used in many areas.

Valley White

Granite Countertops Valley White
A classic “Salt and Pepper” granite, Valley White is versatile and friendly to a variety of styles. Granite is a natural stone that lasts for years with proper care and maintenance. Paired with modern cabinetry, Valley White can bring space into the 21st century while serving the needs of today’s busy lifestyle.

White Alamo

Granite countertops White alamo
White Alamo Granite features a white and gray coloration and a gentle striation that undulates throughout the slab. As this is a natural stone, each one is unique and subject to different natural forces as it’s formed underground. That reminder lasts as it performs for years of service with proper care and maintenance. The nice coloration of this material lets it work in a variety of decor settings and styles. Natural granite has been a part of elegant homes for years and a favorite of interior designer Kim Bailey, our exclusive design partner.

Colonial White

Granite Colonial white
One of the most popular colors of natural granite on the market, Colonial White is a nice off-white stone with fewer mica inclusions and more uniform color. All-natural stones are subject to variation, but this one stays strong in the performance department with excellent marks when given proper care and maintenance. Designers appreciate the versatility of this stone as it works in a variety of settings and styles.

Santa Cecilia Light

Granite countertops Santa Cecilia
One of our newer stones available for tailored design, this stone know for it's creamy foundation underneath, one can find hints of black, brown and gold, which interestingly enough, places this granite in the gold-brown category. With a neutral palate, this stone is versatile enough to work either as a bathroom or kitchen countertop.

White Star

Granite Countertop White Star
A great color for spaces that demand neutral tones that play well with others, White Star is a perfect choice! A natural stone that sports great durability and easy care & maintenance, this option will take your space to the next level while providing a lifetime of service.

New Caledonia

Granite countertop New Caledona
A traditional Brazilian granite, New Caledonia Granite mixes up variations of shades of gray and white. From as light as light gray to charcoal, this stone displays a full spectrum of gray. A unique quality of this granite is that despite being a natural stone, due to reasonable uniformity, these stone slabs should typically look the same.

Smokey White

Granite Countertops Smokey White
Elegant crystals and clean white coloration make this natural granite a good choice for your home remodel. Durable and easy to care for, granite lasts for years with little worry. Smokey White is flexible to work with a variety of design choices. Paired with traditional Shaker cabinets, the stone offers timeless appeal and dramatic value. Our design consultants can steer you in the right direction to match the right stone for your needs.

Santa Cecilia Black

Granite Countertops Santa Cecilia Black
One of two of our Santa Cecilia beauties, this considered "black granite" mixes accents of burgundy, ivory, and black veins coursing throughout the cream-white based stone. With an understated elegance, this gorgeous combination creating a gray-gold range works well with a variety of wood, tile, and flooring.

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