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Shop our selection of kitchen cabinetry, complete with all the storage and accessories you need for your family’s busy lifestyle. Whether you’re searching for a particular color, texture, or door style, we have the right kitchen cabinets to help you create a kitchen you’ll love coming home to.

If you have a short timeline and a tight budget, consider our variety of quality cabinets. Shop from our cabinet collections and fully assembled kitchen cabinets.  Choose from fresh, on-trend, yet timeless colors and door styles. Plus, you can accessorize with every-day items such as trash pullouts, organizational drawers, and more.

Which Cabinet Matches Your Style?

Traditional Elegance Selections

A hallmark of traditional design, this hardwood door features elegant molding and a rich finish that accents a refined decor. Paired with Tuscan decor, this door unveils a lavish history of style and Italian hospitality. We showcase it with modern, engineered quartz that can take a beating and a luxurious tile that emotes a renaissance villa. All of our cabinetry is hand-assembled in the USA and features soft-close doors and drawers.
A stately traditional option, Hamilton is marked by it’s fantastic gray/brown color that is very eye-catching. Uniquely versatile, this color is capable of being brought into a more contemporary setting by pairing it with more modern elements. We have it shown with a snazzy tile and granite combination that sets a soothing, tone-on-tone elegance for your home. If you have any questions about which design trends you should consider, our design consultants are here to offer advice and guide you through the process.
Providence Antique Cream
The classic painted style of Providence works best in traditional design settings. We have it paired with an elegant granite to create a luxurious farmhouse look. The hand-applied glazing accents the soft cream color. Our design consultants can pair your cabinets with granite and tile to personalize your space to your needs. Our cabinets are assembled in the USA and feature soft-close doors and drawers.
Jefferson White
A genteel door with a classic profile, Jefferson White conveys a clean, refined design message. Ideal for homes that wish to retain a more traditional feel, this color is very flexible with accent colors and can be paired with any number of our design components. We've paired it with granite and a blue subway tile that remind us of water. Perfect addition to a traditional style kitchen.
Shaker Expresso
A stylish take on a traditional design, Shaker Espresso is a hardwood door style that features a rich and elegant finish. Assembled in the USA, these cabinets are constructed of all wood. Featuring soft-close doors and drawers, these cabinets are designed to last generations. Shaker Espresso features a flexible style that works with traditional or modern tastes. Expertly paired with quartz or granite countertops, these cabinets will be the centerpiece of any new space.
Shaker Grey
Trends may come and go, but good design is truly timeless. That can be said of Shaker Gray. Graced with an elegant simplicity, Shaker Gray is able to bridge many design styles. Paired with subway tiles and granite countertops, the cabinets can transform a kitchen into a dynamic new heart of a home. Our interior designer Kim Bailey has paired this color in a fantastic vignette called “Birds of a Feather.” These cabinets are assembled in the USA.
Shaker White
An American classic, Shaker cabinetry is known for it’s simple lines and timeless style. With a flexibility to embrace modern tastes and traditional styles, Shaker cabinetry is enjoying a renaissance with it being one of the most popular styles on the market today. This style is on display with this timeless white color. Easily paired with any tile or countertop, this cabinetry is truly a blank canvas to take in your design direction.

Modern Style Selections

A modern coloration sets the stage for Renzo. Soft wood effect thermofoil wrap offers easy care with the style that is all the rage now. Clean, European style cabinets offer a bright new outlook for your home. Paired with natural stone or engineered quartz, these cabinets can bring a rich new functionality to your kitchen. Our design partner, Kim Bailey has paired Renzo with tile and quartz in a soothing vignette. If you want to make it your own, you can mix and match all of our components in our design center.
A soft white-washed wood effect make this door ideal for modern spaces. As a European-style frameless cabinet, Wright is a thermofoil door that allows for easy cleanup and clean lines. Hand-assembled in the USA, these cabinets are designed for years of use by families of all sizes. Metal drawer boxes are paired with soft-closing drawers and doors to accent your modern needs. Paired with granite or quartz, Wright can take your kitchen makeover to the next level.
Lovers of clean lines, look no further. Heatherwick is a high-gloss thermofoil doorstyle that keeps pace with our ever-changing world. Truly flexible for a variety of styles, you can pair it with practically any one of our coordinating products to create a unique and individual statement design. We’ve paired it with our leathered granite to create a monochromatic, pop art centerpiece. High quality vinyl is wrapped on an MDF core and assembled in the USA to create this doorstyle.
A modern classic with clean white lines and a high gloss finish. Like the work of Architect Richard Meyer, this doorstyle makes a bold statement while being impeccably tailored to a modern lifestyle.
A little moody, but incredibly functional isn’t my dating profile but it works for the Eames doorstyle. A rich, wood-like thermofoil door works well in contrasting environments and with pops of color. Assembled in the USA and featuring soft-closing doors and drawers, Eames is a great choice to get your feet wet with modern design. Our design consultants can help you navigate the waters of design and remodeling to maximize your investment.
The high gloss finish of our Sullivan doorstyle make for easy cleaning and a crisp, modern appearance. Paired with our Pure White Maestro Quartz, this combo creates a look of timeless modernity, perfect for modern living. Available with discreet touch latches, keep your space looking as clean as ever with a simple push to open your doors and drawers. Come in today to meet with our design consultants who can guide you to the ideal solution for your space. All of our cabinetry are assembled in the USA.

Which Countertop is Best for You?

Granite Countertops

KB Studios offers durable and dependable granite as a great choice for kitchen countertops. Available in a variety of colors and textures, granite has been used for decades as a surfacing option. Granite is also one of the world’s most abundant natural stones and found on every continent. As a rule, granite can be used indoors and outdoors for kitchens countertops.

Classic Leather Metallic Black
A hearty natural granite, metallic black leather offers stylish endurance for home use. The leather texture offers a unique feature that will have visitors talking. Natural granite is hard and performs well in demanding situations. With minimal care and maintenance, granite will last for years. This dark color gives you a flexible palate in which to pair a variety of styles. Our designer vignette pairs this color with a dynamic tile and modern cabinetry for a truly playful look.
Azul Palatino
With a soft gray color and black speckles, Azul Platino granite is a classic for the home. Flexible for a variety of design choices, this stone is elegant when partnered with modern or traditional cabinetry. Granite is a great choice for today’s lifestyle. With a little maintenance, this stone can last for generations. A great neutral that can be used in many areas.
Valley White
A classic “Salt and Pepper” granite, Valley White is versatile and friendly to a variety of styles. Granite is a natural stone that lasts for years with proper care and maintenance. Paired with modern cabinetry, Valley White can bring space into the 21st century while serving the needs of today’s busy lifestyle.
White Alamo
White Alamo Granite features a white and gray coloration and a gentle striation that undulates throughout the slab. As this is a natural stone, each one is unique and subject to different natural forces as it’s formed underground. That reminder lasts as it performs for years of service with proper care and maintenance. The nice coloration of this material lets it work in a variety of decor settings and styles. Natural granite has been a part of elegant homes for years and a favorite of interior designer Kim Bailey, our exclusive design partner.
Colonial White
One of the most popular colors of natural granite on the market, Colonial White is a nice off-white stone with fewer mica inclusions and more uniform color. All-natural stones are subject to variation, but this one stays strong in the performance department with excellent marks when given proper care and maintenance. Designers appreciate the versatility of this stone as it works in a variety of settings and styles.
Santa Cecilia Light
One of our newer stones available for tailored design, this stone know for it's creamy foundation underneath, one can find hints of black, brown and gold, which interestingly enough, places this granite in the gold-brown category. With a neutral palate, this stone is versatile enough to work either as a bathroom or kitchen countertop.
White Star
A great color for spaces that demand neutral tones that play well with others, White Star is a perfect choice! A natural stone that sports great durability and easy care & maintenance, this option will take your space to the next level while providing a lifetime of service.
New Caledona
A traditional Brazilian granite, New Caledonia Granite mixes up variations of shades of gray and white. From as light as light gray to charcoal, this stone displays a full spectrum of gray. A unique quality of this granite is that despite being a natural stone, due to reasonable uniformity, these stone slabs should typically look the same.
Smokey White
Elegant crystals and clean white coloration make this natural granite a good choice for your home remodel. Durable and easy to care for, granite lasts for years with little worry. Smokey White is flexible to work with a variety of design choices. Paired with traditional Shaker cabinets, the stone offers timeless appeal and dramatic value. Our design consultants can steer you in the right direction to match the right stone for your needs.
Santa Cecilia Black
One of two of our Santa Cecilia beauties, this considered "black granite" mixes accents of burgundy, ivory, and black veins coursing throughout the cream-white based stone. With an understated elegance, this gorgeous combination creating a gray-gold range works well with a variety of wood, tile, and flooring.

Quartz Countertops

High-tech/high-performance material is ideal for fast-paced, modern families. Designed for minimal maintenance and easy care, Quartz offers high style and incredible durability in a gorgeous array of patterns and colors.

Playa White
Evoking the look of classic terrazzo, Playa White Maestro Quartz is a beautiful engineered quartz designed to give unparalleled performance and lasting beauty. Maestro Quartz never has to be sealed and with normal care, will look the same for years to come. Engineered Quartz is made in a factory out of natural quartz, resin, and pigments to create a stylish and durable product. We paired this quartz with modern, European style cabinets to create a soothing palate suited to modern tastes.
Coquina White
Gentle cream coloration make this engineered quartz an ideal color for a variety of interior options. Coquina Maestro Quartz is crafted out of natural quartz, resins, and pigments into a remarkably durable product that will stand the test of time and today’s busy families. Featured in our Luxurious Lodge vignette, this modern surface is perfectly at home in a traditional setting.
Pure White
Well, not sure there’s much to describe here. It’s Pure White Maestro Quartz! The ultimate neutral tone, this engineered quartz is able to work with any style or design. For those looking for a minimalist, clean decor, look no further. This material out-performs all natural stones in resisting staining and etching. It’s made of one of the hardest minerals on the planet. Paired with a dynamic backsplash, this all-white stone will bring your space alive with character and serve your family well.
Symphony White
With a gentle gray background, Symphony White Maestro Quartz is ideal for spaces that require a sophisticated palate of neutral tones and a natural speckled pattern. This material out-performs all-natural stones in resisting staining and etching. It’s made of one of the hardest minerals on the planet.
Carrara Gioia
Subtlety in the kitchen speaks volume, especially with a color like the Carrara Gioia. The off-white background paired with the speckled light grey design allows for maximum selection of colors for cabinets and designs for backsplashes.
San Mateo
A simple white with subtle movement, the elegant coloration of this engineered quartz is flexible and works with many styles and tastes. Thanks to the ease of care with Maestro Quartz, keeping this stone looking white will be as breezy as its style!
Gray Moss
A cool, medium gray that sets the standard for a contemporary vision in your home. This stone color offers a modern and minimalistic solution for the bathroom or kitchen while providing an easy to care for surface. Effortless style, effortless care.
With a creamy color that evokes elegant spaces, Bottocino Quartz is ideal with neutral tones and classical lines. MaestroQuartz is a non-porous product that requires no sealing, ever.

Need Backspash Design Choices?

To complete your project, we offer a selection of classic and stylish backsplashes to accent your cabinets and countertops. From marble to metal, our options have been curated to provide lasting value and timeless elegance to your space.

Union Square Fisher
How to do neutrals well! This ceramic tile features a traditional star burst pattern that evokes the wonders of old Morocco and Moorish Spain. Ideally suited to work with transitional and traditional spaces, this tile can be used in a variety of settings. Our design consultants can offer professional advice and guidance for your home remodel project.
Union Square Becker
A bold and lasting impression is what Union Square Becker will give to your space. A traditional square ceramic tile has been printed with a fantastic pattern that plays on circles and squares in a monochromatic rhythm. This statement tile is still elegant enough for a formal place, but thrives in a dynamic space that is the heartbeat of your home. Works equally well when paired with either modern or traditional cabinetry.
A hearty earth tone and wood-like texture allow Taberna to be used in a variety of styles. Our designer selections have it paired in an elegant farmhouse style, evoking a sense of place and tradition. But it could equally be matched with modern European cabinetry for a fusion of design that will captivate and engage. This hearty and easy to care for ceramic tile is certain to become a classic in your home.
A look of old-world style or painted concrete is what makes this tile a truly captivating addition to your home. Paired with traditional cabinetry, this classic can evoke the relaxing hills of Tuscany or Provence. Or you can be adventurous and match it to a modern, white European look and create a fusion of style that will have the neighbors talking. Either way, you take it, this tile is best enjoyed with a glass of wine. Preferably a red.
Chelsea Glass
Elegance and sophistication are the hallmarks of this eye-catching tile mosaic. Featuring Carrara marble and clear glass tiles, this mosaic sets a glittering stage for your space. Watch for how the light plays across the subtle changes of finish and texture. It can be shown vertically or horizontally to accent a space in a variety of ways. Chelsea White also plays well across design styles. We have it paired with a modern, frameless cabinet in our vignette space as a glamorous powder bath. Discover how this mosaic can enhance your space while working with one of our design consultants.
Chelsea Grey
An interplay of white and gray marble diamonds matched with a subtle glass tile give this mosaic an elegant sophistication without being too formal and stuffy. Featured in our vignette “Birds of a Feather,” designer Kim Bailey has paired it with two-tone, shaker cabinets that set a transitional decor mood. Ideal for kitchens or bathrooms, it can be matched with natural granite or engineered quartz to create a vibrant yet understated look.
Blue Emma
Featuring a distinct and pleasant color, Blue Emma is a great subway tile that gives traditional charm to any space. With subtle undulation, the tile isn’t perfectly flat. The gentle motion allows for an old-world elegance that will find itself at home in a variety of spaces. Paired with the right granite or quartz, this tile is bound to become a favorite in your home.
White Emma
A timeless classic that will keep looking great for years to come, White Emma is a subway tile with a unique uneven finish that gives it a vintage appeal. Flexible to work with any decor, this tile can go modern, transitional, or old-world classic depending on your style. Paired with our designer selections of granite and tasteful cabinetry, White Emma can be that final icing on your new space.
Brick Matte
With a subtle debossing effect and a gentle matte finish, this tile gives a handmade impression to a modern space. Our interior designer, Kim Bailey, has paired it with modern cabinetry in a two-tone effect that gives an airy, liberated presence. Add engineered quartz to complete the look of a Scandinavian modern home full of hygge. (Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for comfort and coziness)
With transparency and subtle color, Snowdrift is a glass subway tile that enhances whatever space it might be placed in. With a modern coloration, this tile offers a hint of sophistication without being too formal. Ideal for kitchens or bathrooms, Snowdrift can be paired with granite or quartz countertops to blend styles or set a specific mood. Our design vignettes feature this tile with rich espresso-colored Shaker cabinetry.
Modern & Metallic! This metal mosaic tile features stainless steel rectangles in a traditional brick pattern that gives a pop to any space. Can be blended with traditional cabinetry or more modern, European styles to create a unique and unforgettable room. Use it to anchor a design that features modern furniture and bold colors or feature it in a tonal, grey on grey with hints of metallic textures.
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